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saint tropez


Currently established and artistically active in Saint-Tropez, Charly N'Doumbe's passion for photography was rooted in his childhood. His first steps in the art of female portraiture date back to his adolescence, influenced by the artistic work of David Hamilton and the aesthetics of nude photography. Through his travels, particularly in North Africa, he persisted in mastering the art of portraiture. Then, exploring the world of silver special effects, he transitioned to digital photography in 2012, thus diving into the captivating universe of abstract nudes.

Charly's portraits transcend the boundaries between painting and photography, capturing feminine beauty in a duality that is both bodily and spiritual. Through skillfully orchestrated lighting techniques, combined with artistic gestures and movements, the artist manages to create special effects at the moment of capture. The photographer's spirit ventures in search of new harmonies, seeking the perfect accord between an image and a body, in an unceasing exploration of aesthetics.

True to the present moment, Charly's images adhere to a fundamental principle of authenticity and integrity. Without retouching or alterations, the models pose without artifice, evolving in refined settings. The minimalistic makeup gives full space to the images, elevating them beyond ephemeral trends, the passage of time, and even the world around them. This approach reveals an artistic vision imbued with purity, highlighting the true essence of feminine beauty with timeless sincerity.

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