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artiste Photographer  Marrakech

Oriental dreams

Charly N'doumbe emerges as a remarkable artist. Born in 1989 in Bayonne, this talented photographer holds diplomas from the Beaux-Arts schools of Biarritz and Monte Carlo, where he honed his craft. Currently residing in Saint-Tropez, he is a true creator of Oriental dreams.

Charly N'doumbe has always been guided by his passion for photography since childhood. From adolescence, he began capturing portraits of women, inspired by the famous photographer David Hamilton and fascinated by the beauty of nudes. This passion for portraiture enriched through his travels, particularly in North Africa, where he drew cultural elements to feed his imagination.

His artistic journey evolved through experiments with silver special effects, and later, he integrated new digital technologies to elevate his work. In 2012, he explored digital special effects to create abstract nudes, thus pushing the boundaries of his creativity.

Charly N'doumbe's creations are a true intersection of painting and photography. They reveal the inner and outer beauty of women, exposing their duality as body and soul. During his shooting sessions, he skillfully combines artistic lighting with studied gestures and movements to produce striking visual effects. Each image is a faithful reflection of the captured moment, an authentic work free from retouching or alterations, thus embodying pure artistic integrity.

The models and settings are presented in their nudity, showcasing their raw beauty. Minimalist makeup enhances the image's expression, placing Charly N'doumbe's creations outside ephemeral trends, anchoring them in a timeless dimension, far from the constraints of time.

Charly N'doumbe drew inspiration from the museums, riads, and palaces of Marrakech, enriching his work with a touch of Moroccan exoticism, bringing a unique dimension to his creations. Whether you are a fan of Moroccan pop culture or simply an art admirer, a visit to Charly N'doumbe's art gallery in Biarritz is an experience that will not disappoint. Immerse yourself in the enchanting universe of Oriental Dream and discover limitless creativity captured through the lens of this exceptional photographer.

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